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General Nursing Section

Nursing Service Division, Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital

Faculty of Medicine ,Chiang Mai University,THAILAND.


The General Nursing Section, Nursing Service Division of Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital is situated on Boonruangrit road, Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai , 50,200 THAILAND. It accommodates 172 beds.

Wards and type of patients who attend each ward

            The General Nursing Section had 9 wards, as follows ;



Disease / signs and symptoms for patients admission


Therapeutic Radiation ward

All of cancer patients : Nasopharynx / Breast / Corolectal.


Rehabilitation ward

Stroke / Spinal Cord Lesion


Adult psychiatric ward

Delirium / Dementia / Personality disorder / Suicide


Child psychiatric ward

Autistic / children who had personality disorder


Monk ward

All of disease / signs and symptoms



Head and neck cancer / all of ear, noses and throat diseases.



Thyroid / all of ear, nose, throat diseases.


Eye 1

Eye diseases (Male)


Eye 2

Eye diseases (Female)


The General Nursing Section Vision :

  1. We must be taking high nursing care quality service.

Bring about to Excellence in nursing international standards.

My section commitment:

  1. Encourage every wards are quality assurance 3-5 tops of disease.
  2. To be developing guideline and nursing standard by Evidence Based Practice and research.
  3. To be continuing nursing personals education for effective service.
  4. Leading The General Nursing Section to Learning Organization .

Believes that :

           The patient and relative have ability to take care themselves and rights to get a quality nursing care

            The primary nursing model and nursing process assists the nurse in providing continuous quality care in response to physical, mental and spiritual needs of the patients.

            Promote co-operation between both patient and service providers in a safe and secure environment to enhance timely intervention and support for the patient and their significant others. To develop a sensitive work environment that instills a professional approach to providing nursing care for the patient appropriately and efficiently for the improvement in their mental health development.


Focusing on the aim of the hospital in the administration of this Section:

1.Organizational strength: The Patient Care Team has a role in guiding the treatment planning.

2.Patient safety: focus on proactive risk management.

3.  Services quality: A continuous quality improvement.

4.  Personnel health: health promotion throughout all consultations and procedures, and monitoring of / for any risks and complications that may arise, both preventatively and unforeseen during their course of treatment.


Nursing personnel   total 162 persons :

            1          Register nurses     88            

            2          Practical nurses     45            

            3          Nurse   Aid             29           


Type of service :

There are 3 shifts’ in-patients who attend ward, day shift, evening shift and night shift

1.24 hours care

2.Office hours 8.30 AM. - 4.30 PM

3.Night time 4.30 PM - 8.30 AM

 Management by :

1.Board of direction : Big Club (Head of nursing section, Supervisor and Head nurse)

2.Committee : HN Club / HPN Club / PN and HP Club

3.Sub committee : CQI / ICWN / HRDW / QAW etc.


Quality of care policy : we must be maintained and developed nursing quality in 6 loops :

            1. Quality Assurance

            2. Drug Administration System.

            3. Environment (ENV).

            4. Complaints.

            5. Infection Control(IC).

            6. Health Promotion Hospital. (HPH)


Human resource development

1.Encourage register nurses to study in a post graduate in specialty nursing program.

2.Short course training such as motivational interviewing for better skill development of nursing staff.

3.Individual development program for each personal.


 Nursing Service

  1. Care related to the basic needs of a person: personal care, dressing, appearance, nutrition      and spiritual.
  2. The highly structured schedule of hospital life provides another avenue of therapy.
  3. Medication administration, monitoring, adequate fluids, electrolyte and other treatment management skills identified in the nursing care planning for the patient in any ward.
  4. General – special nursing care such as physical examination, checking vital sign, neurological sign, and observing the alliterative signs and symptoms – possibly related to their condition or a medication side effect.
  5. Individual / group supportive psychosocial for patients and families.
  6. Encourage and promote patient’s self care.
  7. Consult with other people and other health and welfare departments to assist the patient with continuous care and patient rights both in care and after discharge.
  8. Defend and affirm the patient’s symptoms, during treatment planning provide legal assistance by letting the patients share their opinions and make decisions regarding treatments and outcomes.

Responsibility as a professional nurse,

We use a primary nursing system, functional nursing system and nursing process in providing continuous and quality care.

            Assessment sheet, the concept set on 11th health pattern of Marjory Gordon’s Problem list, we apply NANDA nursing diagnosis and create nursing intervention and nursing outcomes in line with these guiding principles of care in the specialty ward. Nursing goals - we set together with patient, family and team.

Patient Care Team   Planning & Progress note - we set for communication between team to nurse, nurse to nurse and others such as doctor, specialists and arranged per the patient care planning document.

            Health summary and discharge plan - we discuss the steps forward of a patient in treatment, and plan the action for patient and family after discharge.

We believe that, if we have continuous quality improvement of nursing activities and nursing personals are happy in their workplace. Patients needs addressed in a timely and professional manner.  

 Thank you for your interest and involvement within our wards.

  For more information please contact

Waraporn Wiphassawong

         Supervisor of General Nursing Section,

Nursing Service Division. Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai Hospital.   

Faculty of   Medicine,   Chiang Mai University

Amphur Muang, Chiang Mai , 50,200 THAILAND

Tel.+ 66(53) 945941 ; + 66(53) 945943

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.