" We care as family with service mind "

Outpatient & Emergency Nursing Section

We are cordially responsible for caring outpatient and emergency clients who need medical attentions with evidence-based practice guidelines. We aim to serve and support holistically in physical, mental, socio-economic, and spiritual well beings to our patients to reach their goals as possible.

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Emergency Room

The reception and treatment of persons requiring immediate medical care that provides 24 hr emergency care.

Emergency Medical Service

Immediate pre-hospital care for serious illness and transport to definitive care. Injection & wound care service.

Specialist Clinics

Special clinic offers treatment with full services for specific disorders and diseases

Risk Assessment for COVID-19 Infection

English – Chinese – Japanese are Available

COVID-19 Outbreak in Thailand

Reported by World Health Organization

Hot Lines for COVID-19 Consultation

Daily Available (10.00 A.M – 07.00 P.M.)

  • 096-754-6516
  • 083-927-8400